Solving your specific problem means first gaining a solid basic understanding of it. In our initial contact we learn the specific needs and background, origins of the problem, scope of the task, and the key issues to be examined.

At the same time we determine a broad definition of the assignment and expected results, the information gathering methods,  logical phases, and the approximate timetable and cost.
Once gathered, the above information helps the client decide how to handle the assignment and enables us to determine what we need to accomplish the job properly.

When requested and appropriate, the details and results of this discussion are confirmed in a written proposal outlining our understanding of the assignment, a suggested approach, the type and extent of client involvement required, organization of the work, expected results, as well as the estimated resources needed, time, and cost. 

During the assignment, periodic updates are given. Our report is usually in the form of a briefing presentation that encourages questions and discussion. The presentation is then documented with a written report, if so requested.

We work through the client colleagues whenever possible.  Unless otherwise agreed, we stay on site only as long as is necessary to identify the solutions and return only to make sure that local staff has been thorough in the implementation of agreed solutions.